Wedding Candles

Sigh… the conundrums of your post marriage era might not be as much pleasant as they’re supposed to be. But you can’t deny those sweet memories, the way she walked towards you on the aisle midst whiffs of those sweetly scented candles, it’s something to cherish forever.

Speaking of candles, don’t the words “Wedding Candles” ring inside your ears? If even they don’t, this article is going to shed some light on wedding candles from an unusual angle. After you’re done reading it, you’ll have no problems while buying wedding candles; you’ll realize the significance of these candles, as if what the colors mean, and vice versa.

First of all, a wedding is sort of like a “once in a lifetime” experience. There’re no second chances, until and unless you’re literally interested in getting married twice, thrice or for the quadruple-th time. In order to match that level of perfection, everything has to be in its squeaky clean form. Hence, wedding candles are an important part of that equation.

And just so you didn’t know, wedding candles are one of the basic elements that you’d want to purchase months before your actual marriage date. The proper category and color of candles must be chosen so that you can place them on their holders before the big day.

What Meanings Does a Wedding Candle Hold?

In every culture, candles are believed to drop off a special meaning. If it’s a wedding ceremony, people think that the combination of light and love bind the couples’ spirit in an unbreakable vow. The bond is supposed to stay there in its fully fledged form through the lives of both individuals who’re about to get married.

To further explain the meaning of wedding candles, we should look at the witnesses who’re present at the time of the wedding. They’re not the only ones who stand witness to the special incident. People think that the candle light is also there, as a body, to oversee the unity of two opposite sexes. Plus, the fact that the candle light itself, is thought of something romantic, the atmosphere automatically sets the mood in the right direction.

The Wedding Candle Arrangements:

The entire process of selecting wedding candles is based on the degree of money that one can spend easily. That being said, it means that such candles are available at different price ranges, so you should be having a decent variation, with respect to quality, at your disposal.

Also, you’ll need to buy the same amount of candle holders for the wedding candles. Though, when separately bought for each candle, the holders can be quite expensive, you can lower the price factor by buying the ones that can hold 3 candles at the same time.

Now the big question is; where are these wedding candles available?

If you haven’t contacted a profession wedding planning company, now may be the good time to do that. If you prefer dealing online, go to wedding planners’ websites and contact them through emails or phone calls. The company will give you a walkthrough tour of all the available goodies and candle sticks that can be bought. Based on the size and the entire set up of your wedding party, the candle size will be recommended to you by the experts.

The Misunderstood Notion About Wedding Candles:


Unfortunately, the modern couples from today’s day and age think that wedding candles are just a source of lightning up the surroundings. Hence, they place these candles on dinner tables, and here ‘n there to literally use them as a light emission source. As sad as it may sound, wedding candles are supposed to spread love and ambience, alongside different colors of joy and happiness.


Also don’t get carried away by the designs of these candles. On your wedding, it’d look odd if half of the crowd is checking out those wedding candles instead of focusing their gaze and blessings on the couple. If you, as a family, are interested in creating your own wedding candles, perhaps soy candles or normal scented paraffin candles is a good idea.


You can make them in the comfort of your own home through the usage of right tools and ingredients. For a detailed tutorial on how to make candles, check out different useful articles on the internet, or look around in your local library. Something useful will come up, and you’ll be happily making candles for all sorts of occasions in your life.