Votive Candles – What Are They?

The simplest definition of votive candles can be summed up in two words: “Prayer Candles”. However, if you being a history majors, were to research and analyze the subject of votive candles, the entire tour will take you across millions of journals, tons of pages and billions of online articles. Hence, in the following paragraph, you’ll be exposed to a small in depth analysis of votive candles. Read on…

Votive candles, also known as, prayer candles, are not limited to religious activities and ceremonies. Don’t get the idea of sacrificial lambs, with candles burning around them, as this candle type has a special place in many hearts and different cultures. They originated from the earliest Roman Catholic churches, and took over the whole world’s cultural and religious traditions by a storm. From the icon of Jesus Christ to Holy Thiokol, votive candles have always been regarded highly by people of all ages.


Different Sizes and Fragrances of Votive Candles:

The size debate, as far as it’s concerned with votive candles, doesn’t last that long. Since these candles are more of ceremonial type stuff, they’re introduced in a very limited size range. The standard size of an average candle in this category is 2 Inches, while the smallest can prolong over 1 – 1.5 Inches in height.

As for the width, votive candles are normally 1 – 2.5 Inch wide/ thick. With such a small size, don’t underestimate the average life of a votive candle, as it can last more than 8 hours on the minimum. Granted that you’re about to go through a series of prayers, memorial services, or a cozy bathing session, a single votive candle is more than enough for that purpose.

Regarding religious ceremonies, tea light votive candles offer an ideal variety. Normally, tea light candles are small, so much so that they can easily be placed in front of an idol and/or an urn, or something like that. In case you’re wondering why some votive candles seem larger or bigger in size, as compared to others; it’s normally because of the fact that people like to place them in special candle holders. These holders are tall in size, which is why the miniature candles seem so big.


Fragrances and Scents:

Votive candles offer a huge variety of different scents. Sometimes these scents are artificially introduced, either through perfume or synthetic additives. As much as the smell may feel intoxicating to you, there are moments when customers tend to pass up on these artificially scented candles. It’s because of the fact that they might be allergic to the perfume effect.

If you happen to be that sort of person, who’s allergic to artificial fragrances, perhaps votive candles with naturally induced smells can be beneficial to you. The natural smell is introduced through the usage of 100% natural ingredients.

For instance, in order to offer the smell of Orange fruit, the votive candles are mixed with purest orange peel extracts, and some preservatives to maintain the smell. This process is carried out when the wax is still hot, so that the smell can easily be contained within the material. Same goes for lavender, rose, jasmine and any other smells that relate to flowers from all over the world.

Commonly Available Sizes of Votive Candles:

Votive candles are commonly available in a limited size range. As mentioned above in the article, these candles are small, because their primary purpose is to serve some specific needs. The most convenient way of making the best use of these candles is to buy them in bulk. Also, this way, the vendor is more than likely to offer you a nice discount.


In the end, regardless of the purpose for which you’re going to use the votive candle, it all comes down to you. If you feel like honoring someone’s memory; if you just want to take a nice long bath in a tub filled with finest flowery extracts and candles all over the surrounding area to refresh you, or if you just want to associate a specific type of votive candle to an incident or a person, just go for it. As long as you’re happy and content with your votive candles and their usage, no one else needs to give you an approving nod.