Potpourri Oils and Warmers

A lot of people recognize potpourri through its physical appearance. To be honest, “potpourri” analogy is kind of hard to pronounce. Let’s break it in “Pot” and “Pourri”, two famous French words that were later on combined to give the impression of one syllable.

Anyway, potpourri is a combination of artificially, or naturally scented dried plants, petals, and leaves. People place them in decorative containers to spread that refreshing aroma in their homes.  The interesting fact about potpourri is that it’s also available in the form of oils. But with potpourri, you’d be in dire need of warmers; otherwise you’ll not be able to create that scent.

If you’re thinking that you could use scented candles instead of using potpourri oils and warmers, maybe you’re wrong. Perhaps your house doesn’t support the kind of atmosphere or environment to hold the candles. The fumes and soot can also be noxious in nature. So a nice alternative for you would be potpourri refreshing oils.

What If I’m Interested in Making Potpourri Refreshing Oils and Warmers on My Own?

If it’s the refreshing oil you’re interested in making, the process is quite simple. Take a look below:

Buy a lot of potpourri and put it in a large plastic bag. Leave some room for other items, if you want to make the arrangement look beautiful.

Pour a few drops of that potpourri refresher oil/fragrance on the potpourri. This oil is available at your local retailer. If it’s not available, you can use perfume or cologne to spray over the potpourri.

After you’re done with the fragrance thing, shake the bag so that the oil drops are evenly mixed within the contents.

Close the bag with a ribbon or any other item. Leave it like that for 24 – 30 hours.

Now take out the scented potpourri, and lay it beautifully within a wooden decoration container, or any other container of your choice.

If you don’t have a container, just poke some random holes in the bag and that’s it.


Other Useful Ideas Regarding Potpourri Oils:

The container or bag isn’t the only place where you can drop the potpourri oil in. you can also pour some drops of this oil in your clothe drawers. After a few days, your clothes will have a refreshing smell, deeply attached to their threads.

You can also soak a cotton ball in the potpourri oil, and insert it in your vacuum cleaner’s bag. The next time you’ll be vacuuming; your house will be lit up by that familiar smell.

Same ideas go with your car interiors; by placing swabs of potpourri oil soaked cotton, you can spread that refreshing smell everywhere. Likewise, doing the same trick with cushion covers and rugs can also accentuate the smell factor in your surroundings.




Potpourri Oil Warmers:

Potpourri oil can also be used in oil warmers. This way the oil will slowly evaporate, causing the smell to spread on its own. These oil warmers are of two types:

Electric Warmers: Simple electric potpourri oil warmers are based on a simple set up. They have a small container, with an opening at one side. You can pour the oil in it, and turn on the warmer. The smell will automatically spread on its own.


* Tea Light Warmers: Normally these warmers come with a bottle of potpourri oil by default. All you have to do is turn them on and they’ll start doing the fine job on their own. After the potpourri oil warmers have dried up, you can refill them by unscrewing the oil container.


Benefits of Using Potpourri Oils and Warmers:

The smell is quite refreshing. It spreads evenly around the house, and you don’t have to worry about setting things on fire. Everything will make you feel relaxed and fresh.

If placed in the right area, the cross ventilation setup within your house can cause the fragrance to reach every corner. This way, even if some sort of odor is there, it won’t get picked up by your picky nose.

Potpourri oils and warmers come in different colors and styles. You can use them to match your existing interior designs, to drop a better impression on your guests.


Potpourri has always been an object of affection and appreciation. By using potpourri oils on regular basis, you’ll notice a pleasant vibe in your surroundings – Live That Vide; Love It and Cherish It as long as it lasts.