Pillar Candles


Pillar Candles – What Are They?

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve seen pillar candles here ‘n there. There’s nothing special or intricate about them, that’d hinder the basic definition. A pillar candle is a vertical cylinder shaped candle that’s made from a special form of wax. This wax has an extra degree of rigidness in its nature, which makes it easier for the pillar candle to stand on its own.

Unlike jar candles, pillar candles are not contained within a structure. It means that the wax model is leveled evenly at the bottom, so that stands on its own until all of it melts/burns away. These candles are not limited to any size as certain expos have showcased pillar candles that were 3 feet tall; while household candles are just within the limits of 8 to 12 inches.

Different Types of Pillar Candles:

Speaking about the size and shapes of pillar candles, they oversee a huge variety in the market. Having said that, the general form of pillar candles is based on two categories:

-          Self-Standing Pillar Candles: This type basically has its base leveled, so that the wax structure can stand on its own.

-          Candle Holder Pillar Candles: If you didn’t know, there are pillar candles that are made in the form of a giant egg; a vanity item, or a starfish. The only way of making these candles stand, is to place them in a custom shaped candle holder, which makes people adore them even more.

For your consideration, we listed the following types of pillar candles. This way, it’ll be easy for you to distinguish one pillar candle type from another…


1) Rustic Pillar Candles:

Rustic pillar candles are also known as votive candles. They’re used privately, in homes, prayer rooms and secluded places, which means that their primary purpose is to fulfill religious requirements. These candles are recognized by their unique texture, something that sort of gives a “rusty” feeling to touch. In any case, rustic pillar candles are introduced in fragrance and/or fragrance free form.


2) Layered Pillar Candles:

This candle type is used on special events and traditional festivals. For instance, on Halloween, the layered pillar candle is made to represent different color combination of wax, all merged together in a layered form. Still didn’t understand it? Try visualizing a traditional pillar like structure, divided in equal sections. Each section has a different color, which drops the impression of wax layers standing atop each other.



3) Chunk Pillar Candles:

Chunk pillar candles are not only fun to make, but they’re quite a visual treat for both the candle makers and the buyers alike. Also, if you’re into recycling old wax tid bits, chunk pillar candles are the right stuff for you. The easiest approach to understanding this candle type is to visualize a pillar candle that has tons of different colors. How are they achieved? The process is quite simple because multi colored wax bits are melted and poured inside a mold, so that a “chunky” effect can be derived.


Fragrances and Scents in Pillar Candles:

Just like all other candle types, pillar candles are also available in various scents. However, if you prefer to buy fragrance free candles, you can go for soy pillar candles, or normal gel paraffin candles that have no smell at all.

As for the fragrance/scent effect, the current candle industry is lined up with all sorts of fragrances. From flowers, to strawberries, these fragrances are either artificially or naturally introduced in pillar candles. Your best bet is to go to the scented pillar candle section, and take a big whiff of the candles that you’re planning to buy. If it makes you sneeze or puke, you can move on to the next batch.


Different Sizes of Pillar Candles:

As mentioned in the earliest passages of this article, pillar candles overlook a huge plethora of different sizes. Residential users like to buy these candles with the following dimensions in mind:

2’’ Wide – 3’’ Tall (Minimum Size)

4’’ Wide – 12’’ Tall (Maximum Size)

As per your specifications, you can also place a custom order for an extra big size.  A nice example would be all those giant pillar candles that can be seen in restaurants; at different family gatherings; inside age old manors etc. The list could go on and on if we were to talk about the biggest or the smallest size of pillar candles.