Luxury Candles

Centuries ago, the most a pair of candles could do was, light a cave or create some sort of luminous atmosphere at the caveman’s dinner table. Doesn’t sound too savvy right? Anyway, who cares about troglodytes anymore? Candles have stepped up as luxurious effigies of romance, scent and a heavy price tag.

This article will talk a little bit about luxury candles; it’ll go through their types (perhaps) and end up with a few lines on how to make luxury candles at your home. So let’s get right to it:

-          What Are Luxury Candles?

First of all, if you’ve walked inside any one of “Joanne’s” or “True Grace” store branches, you’ll know what luxury candles are. They’re very sensitive to touch, the wax looks feels so soft and refined, they come in a perfect form factor, and they have a special unique scent around them. Another significant factor is the price range, which may be between $40 to $500; it all depends on what you’re after.

Now, certain other factors, such as; craftsmanship, also affect the price of luxury candles. For instance, within the classification of luxury candles, read the example of following two types that are pricey due to several reasons:

True Grace’s Village Style Luxury Candles:

First thing’s first: This portion of the article is not dedicated to, or its not representing True Grace in any way. It’s just that their luxury candle seemed to be the right type of example to befit the illustrious ranks of this article.

The Village Style luxury candles are said to be literally made under the direct supervision of experts in Wiltshire. This region (Wiltshire) is located within one of the remotest country sides in England. Hence, the expression “Village Candles” is related to the culture, and the special fragrances that Wiltshire is known for. It is believed that the company has its primary workshop in that area; its full of all sorts of molding glasses, jars, liquid dyes, crayons, and that “secret” ingredient that no one ever came to know about.

Manor and Dinner Table Luxury Candles:

You must’ve noted those long slanted candles that burn and burn forever in those manors. The same expression goes for candles and wax tarts that people place on dinner tables and patios to spruce up the mood. And then again, there’s a special lot from within us, who likes to seduce all the comely females through shower and bath luxury candles. Oh, the idea of scented candles, with petals and bubble bath is strong enough to melt any woman.

Anyway, manor and dinner table candles represent an opulent collection that comes with their own jars. These jars are made of frosted glass, smoked glass and other premium quality moody glasses that simply add to the grace of the candle. This entire combination of elegance and shimmering flames illustrates one of those Waugh and Hardy novels at their best. Hence, the price factor automatically soars through the roof.



I Don’t Have The Money But I Want to Make Luxury Candles On My Own:

The equipment and items needed for making luxury candles in your home can be quite expensive. It’d be better for you to purchase the candles directly, instead of lunging on to the DIY techniques. Plus, hot wax can be a nymph of a thing to deal with… you shouldn’t experiment with that kind of stuff.

Still interested? Well, go ahead and buy yourself a couple of finest wax bars, liquid dye, double boilers and fragrances. Light up the wax at medium temperature, inside the double boilers. Now you’d want to pour the wax in the mold to give it a proper shape. Finally, pour a few drops of that fragrance and liquid die to give the candle that special identity.

Slip in that Wick and wait for a day or two to let it all cool down. That’s it; you’ve got yourself a luxury candle.

By the way, this tutorial wasn’t as much detailed as it should be. For more details, info and precautionary measures, you better look around on the internet, or ask someone who already does this stuff at home.