Jar Candles


Jar Candles: What Are They?

The history of jar candles dates back to 1992. What’s more important is the fact that it was Michael Richards, who first came up with the idea of candle making in various form factors. Hence, starting from 1992, and onwards, the jar candle niche has undergone various changes with respect to types, sizes, innovation and etc.

So when we come to the “definition” of a jar candle, there’s not much to think about. As the name “Jar Candle” suggests, these candles are basically present in the form of wax filled glass containers/jars. Well, that was just the basic theory regarding these candles. To further explain them, we will have to take a look at their types, categories and fragrances they come with.


What Are Different Types and Categories of Jar Candles?

Basically, jar candles are available within the confines of following jar types:

Mason Jars: These jars are available in various sizes. The significant factor about them is that they have an increased length and width. The modern form of mason jars is available in the form of ceramics, hand me down glass containers and fashionable glass jars with something scribbled/embossed on them. If you’re interested in getting a visual cue at this point, try entering “Mason Jars” in the Google Image search category.

Apothecary Jars: These jars have a huge diameter, with the opening that’s larger than the base. Apothecary jars are used for medicinal purposes, such as ‘Aroma Therapy’ and vice versa. The basic idea is to spread the scent and invigorate a subject’s specific sense or senses, in order to achieve a desired cure or result.


Jelly Jars: From Smuckers to any other popular brand, jelly jars are empty containers that just got cleaned up after all the sweet savoring jelly’s been eaten. Sometimes people use jelly jars because they kind of carry their original scent, which later on gets mixed with the wax’s scent –the end result is quite unique and refreshing to the nerves. Other reason for using a jelly jar as a candle, is maybe because of the fact the people either don’t have enough money to buy jar candles, or perhaps they want to make something at their own, within the comfort of their home.


The Best Jar Candles – Which Ones Are They?

If it comes to buying the “best” jar candle, it’s all about your choice and taste criterions. As long as candle makers are on the verge of introducing something new every now and then, there’re no “best” jar candles – all of them are so lovable.

However, quality is one main factor that sort of degrades one jar candle’s quality, and increases the likeness towards some other particular jar candle type. For instance, a traditional paraffin wax filled jar will not only emit carcinogens, but its black soot is going to leave a headache.

Also, you should purchase those jar candles, which are made of glass that can easily withstand heat, collision against hard surface, and etc. Here, at this point, we should take a look at the main sub categories of jar candles:

Jar Candles With Lid: These candles are introduced in jars that have a closing lid on top of them. Ideally, these jars don’t have a wick inside them, and they also have a scented wax. In order to spread the aroma around your room or house, you either lift off the lid, or you can also place the candle on a candle warmer – granted that it requires a candle warmer to operate successfully.


Jar Candles Without Lids: These candles have a traditional wick in them that you set on fire in the usual manner.  You don’t have to worry about spilling the wax, because all the stuff is basically contained in the confines of a fancy old jar.


-          Jar Candles For Environment Savvy Individuals:

If you’re a guy or a girl who happens to have a “green thumb” for the environment, Soy Jar Candles are the best product for you. Since soy wax doesn’t emit any smoke, or cause any harmful effect on lungs or the environment, you can easily purchase these candles without any double thoughts. They’re available at almost all sorts of online and land based retailers – buying them isn’t a herculean task.