Fragrance Sensitivities

Kitchen gurus came up with this phrase: “The way to a man’s heart is through an appetizing dish”. Likewise perfume and fragrance manufacturers like to be known by the following tagline: “The way to the heart is through the nose”. What they didn’t know is that noses can be a little picky at times. Know what that means? Hmm, when Haarmann & Reimer, one of the leading perfume producers, released their perfumes, health advocates pestered them for causing allergic reactions.

Fragrance allergies vary from person to person, in terms of intensity and reaction. Some people just start sneezing, while others look like a train wreck. You may be the next victim on the scent and sensitivity list… you just have to watch out for that. Now here comes the big question:

-          How Do I Know If I’m Allergic to Fragrance?

Probably, up until now, you’ve smelled those perfumes and colognes that only stirred up appreciation, mixed with a tinge of seductiveness. It all depends on the ingredients that were used in a specific perfume. Health experts have said that some cologne have been found to have a mild mixture of pesticides in them, which is bound to inflict some sort of drastic side effect on you.

So when your nose will come in contact with a fragrance that hailed from elements that your nerve receptors are not acquainted with, it will start some sort of reaction. The degree of reaction can vary from person to person:

Asthma Attacks

Rhinitis Reactions

Severe Case of Dermatitis

Obviously, the list can go on and on, since no two human bodies are alike – the reaction will vary as well. Carrie Loewenherz is one of those few people who’ve worked a lot on the subject of fragrance allergens and allergies. She has worked as an industrial level hygienist for quite a noticeable number of organizations.

She says, “Sometimes people just wear offensive perfumes to take it all as a laughing matter. They love seeing other people moan with series of uncontrollable pain.” However, it is not a laughing matter; allergy sufferers can die due to the severity of the reaction.

How To Avoid The Reaction?

Simple enough; go to your nearest health practitioner in order to opt in for a number of allergy tests. These tests will comprise patch tests, direct skin area exposures and such other routines. If you’re positive to some sort of sensitivity, you’ll be given a set of written and oral instructions on how to avoid fragrance sensitivities.

You’ll also come to know about the technical/medical names of the items that should be avoided in all cases. So the next time when you’ll see that shiny bottle of cologne, deodorant, air freshener or perfume, you’ll automatically flip over the box to see the list of ingredients. Don’t worry if it consists of something that your lungs or skin are sensitive to; the fragrance industry is lined up with over 5,000 fragrances, you’ll always have something better to buy.