Candle Fundraisers

What are candle fundraisers? Is it a special occasion where you have a bunch of candles and a couple of people who’re interested in eating free food, talk to each other and collect money to execute “saving the candles” sort of plan? No, that’s just a dumb explanation and a commonly misunderstood notion.

To put it in simple words, candle fundraisers can be described as a fundraising technique where you basically sell candles. It might sound a little lame, when we hear, “Oh, selling candles? Doesn’t that look boring to ya?” but wait a minute… perhaps you don’t know that candle selling has become a widely renown business.

Also when we look at it from a different angle, the person who’s trying to gather buyers for the candle fundraiser may be doing it for the sake of some charity or donation. What’s more important in this article, are all those techniques that can enable you to generate more funds. You’ll be reading different ways to raise the interest level of your potential candle buyers, and some other tips to further smooth the process.

Understanding The Motives Behind Candle Fundraisers:

Before getting started with the Candle Fundraiser, it’d be a nice idea to know the sole motives behind it. motives, which are known as reasons, can be very important in terms of getting the right flow of people to attend the fundraiser occasions. For instance, if you’re thinking of raising money for the church through Candle Fundraiser, then your local congregation might be able to help you.

Same goes for disabled people institute donations, personal benefit fundraisers and vice versa. The reason that you’d want to know your motives is because this way you can address to the right kind of audience. The actual candle selling process is not as much important as the entire set of preparation behind the fundraiser. You’ll need to make cards; invitations have to be sent on time; a proper range of fragrance has to be selected – so on and so forth.


Tips and Tricks About Candle Fundraisers:

The easiest way to get around any sort of Candle Fundraisers is to contact a company that deals with such kind of things. These companies provide professional services which cover all sorts of occasions, with various package deals and spotless timing. But, if you want to focus mainly on spending a limited amount of budget, by carrying out your own DIY Candle Fundraisers, there’re no qualms in that scenario either.

Your core objective should cover one, or all of the following tips:

-          Set a principal amount of money that needs to be pooled in. once you have a solid target, you’ll have a vision and the proper mindset to achieve it. There’s nothing badder than a “Just for laugh” sort of Candle Fundraiser; you’re not there to play games or “experience” something. Why? Because you, as a fundraiser, will be recognized as a celebrity everywhere. If your reputation is tainted through past records, no one will bother to attend those future ceremonies either.

-          If you’re looking to invite kids on the Candle Fundraiser, you have a lot of opportunities. Schools do this all the time, they send out invitations and buy a lot of inexpensive gifts. Kids, on the other hand, slip those quarters and dollars in the piggy bank at the fundraiser, and they’re rewarded with these cheap toys. Example of inexpensive toys are:

o        Stuffed animals – You can use hand-me-downs too. Just wash them before giving them to the kid(s); impression is everything.

o        Balloons and balloon like toys.

o        Huge toys made of plastic.

-          If your target audiences to the Candle Fundraiser are high class ladies and girls from the suburbs, think of handing out designer purse and makeup accessories. The stronger those incentives are, more funds will be generated.

-          Apart from prize incentives, you can also give exclusive restaurant discount coupons to the attendees. Use the following statement: “Donate X amount of money to get a one-time exclusive Olive Garden or “XxXxX” restaurant coupon.”


The Most Important Element?

The most important element of the entire fundraiser is the quality, variety and the type of candles that you’re going to be selling. Everything matters; from packaging to final selection of fragrances and colors. Make sure you’ve chosen the right stuff for the right kind of people.